How to Boost Your Online Accommodation Bookings

Choosing and purchasing the right online booking software is generally a no-brainer once you have figured out your needs and mastered the fundamentals. With an online software in place, you can now take the passenger seat and put your passengers in the driver’s seat as far as your online bookings are concerned.

Your customers will be able to buy your accommodation products from your online shop-front at any time and from virtually anywhere in the world with a few clicks of the button. It is like a self-service online front office desk where customers can come and book their accommodation options with very little involvement on your side. In turn, this will reduce your administration costs and increase your margins. It also allows you to focus on key areas of the business such as improving the customer service and accommodation quality.

A significant portion of the online bookings will occur outside the normal business hours. Your online booking software becomes a round the clock reservations agent capable of taking care of your bookings needs, even when you are asleep or away from your business. The impact on your revenues and profits will be tremendous.

If you have already installed functioning online booking software on your travel portal, there are many ways in which you could increase your bookings and scale up your online accommodation booking business. These include:

Send a shout-out.

Once you have installed an online booking software or engine on your online travel store, you have to ensure that the word spreads out. Use every marketing channel to extol its values to your travel audiences including email marketing, e-newsletters, social media marketing channels, and even web marketing promotions.

Let your visitors instantly know that you can now take online bookings. Install an attractive banner image on your website homepage, inviting them to book via the online booking software interface.  It is also important to install a clear call to action button such as “Book Now” on the main landing pages on your website to attract the most traffic.

Tell your past customers.

If you have past customers who booked your services before you installed the booking software, drop them a simple email informing them of your new booking innovation. If they loved your websites before, they will love it even more now that you have a booking interface built to make online bookings even easier for you.

Update the new addition on Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, and your blog in order to reach the widest of audiences.

Change your voicemail.

If you were running a phone or voicemail-oriented reservations system during off-hours, you will need to change your voicemail and add a message informing callers of the online booking options that are now available. Within a short time, your call loads will plummet and your online bookings will pick up.

Reward online self-service.

In the first few months of the launch, add promos, deals, and coupon codes in order to reward self-service. Give customers who opt for online bookings price advantages and other service advantages.

Update email signatures, business cards, and other promotional materials.

All these should now contain the information of the booking options available through your online software.

Exploring the Mountain Lion OS X Mac Software

There are many reasons why you should switch to Mountain Lion OS X. Perhaps, you are upgrading from an earlier version of Mac OS, you are migrating from Windows, or you purchased a Mac computer with Mac software already pre-installed. Whatever your reasons are, here is a simple overview on the operating system that offers you insight on what to expect when using it.

Apple added new features and enhancements on the Mountain Lion OSX over previous versions such as the Tiger OSX or the Mac OS X Panther. This includes the iCloud integration, which allows syncing with mobile iOS devices. Other notable features that were added to the Mountain Lion OS include the Notification Center, new sharing features, and access to social networking features.

What is Mountain Lion OS X?

This is the version 10.8 of the OS X operating system series, which was released way back in 2012.  Please note that the current version of it is Mavericks OS X. Like any other operating system, the Mountain Lion helps you to organize files, run programs and applications, and browse amongst others. Some of the preceding versions of this OS X Mac include the Lion OSX, which is the version 10.7; the Snow Leopard OS X, which is the version 10.6; the Leopard, which is the version 10.5; and the Tiger, which is the version 10.4. The easiest upgrade of them is from the Lion OS X to the Mountain Lion.

Mobile-Friendly OS X

The Mountain Lion was built by Apple with mobile iOS integration in mind. The transition from the OS X to the iOS is made possible with the incorporation of iCloud integration feature. This permits a smooth transition from the Mac to an iPad or iPhone. The syncing of files with iCloud integration brought about a big advantage in terms of using devices where you can access information from anywhere.

If you are doing activities on your Mac computer and you have to leave for a schedule, you can easily continue the tasks on your iPhone or iPad. The syncing is so complete that you can have access to the same web pages, documents, files, and photos on each of your devices.

Apart from these integration features, the Mountain Lion packs several features which improve the sharing experience, the messaging, the web browsing experience, the security, and the synchronization.


Unlike the previous OS X Mac software, this version comes with a new Mac machine or it can be downloaded from the Apple Store.  This sets the pace for subsequent Mac OS Xs with disk-less installations.


The OS X gives you the advantage of having extensive synchronization features, which are cloud-based and offers a smooth transition with iOS devices. On the other hand, there are powerful security features that do not interfere with user experience.

This Mac version also incorporates a very powerful gaming console with an AirPlay Mirroring Technology and a Gaming Centre. This is still a top of the range solid OS compared to its peers. However, the latest Mac OS X, the Mavericks, offers even more advanced features.

Mac Software Downloads: Mavericks OS X Review

It has been described as “free as beer” but the Mavericks OS X Mac software also offers numerous productivity features and several enhancements over the earlier Apple Mac operating systems. The biggest advantage that many Mac lovers will love about the OS is the significant backward compatibility that it offers for the numerous Mac series laptops which means users can carry out installations with very little upgrade requirements. The changes and upgrades naturally guarantee improved performance and other significant changes that are regarded as “under the hood”. The linen black background for example is no more and there are a host of new apps not previously found on the Lion OSX and the Mountain Lion OS X.

Apple Mac users will get similar treatment as the iOS users by simply downloading the Mavericks OS X directly from the Apple Mac Store. You can access other Mac software and operating systems such as the Snow Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Mountain Lion, or Panther from . The site also offers additional resources such as the upgrade resources, and other resources that you can use to install your Mac OS X software. The breadth of Mac software resources is quite huge.  If you are planning to carry out the installation of the Mavericks OSX you will need the Snow Leopard or later versions for a seamless upgrade process. Check out the website listed to determine the range of hardware specifications required for the installation of the new release which is the tenth iteration of the OSX.


  • The new Mac software offers multiple language support. Almost all the major languages of the world are supported.
  • A host of new features: The new Mavericks OS X incorporates over 200 new features and feature enhancements. It has been a long time since Apple produced something this comprehensive.  Some of the popular new additions include the Tab Finder feature, Maps and the iBooks feature. Now you can easily perform downloads from the iBooks store and read the books on your Mac laptop.
  • The multi-display support has undergone further enhancements and can now support viewing on more than one screen.  There also exist tags and a new version of the Safari. New technologies and enhancements have led to significant improvements in the performance and the degree of responsiveness of the Mac. For example, such performance improvements lead to a longer battery life than in the previous OS X versions.
  • The download is 5.29GB and the installation does not consume much resources. Although Apple recommends 2GB, you will probably need up to 4GB of RAM and 15-20 GB of disk space for an optimal installation procedure.  Installation process takes less than 30 minutes on most Macs in use today-from 2007 and newer versions. The design had attempted to unify the mobile and app platforms but it doesn’t go any further. Users are instead treated to a simplified and powerful design. The new Mac software retains the look and feel of old although it incorporates several enhancements. One interesting feature of the Mavericks OS X is in the naming. In place of the old cats-Lion, Mountain Lion, Panther, Tiger Snow Leopard-the new OS design makes use of Californian location names with Mavericks debuting. Check out  for Mavericks OS X downloads and other Mac software downloads.