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Which program is right for your needs?

Each of our three easy to use programs has a range of useful features - whether you want a personal information manager or a full contact manager.

Cardfile - a fast and easy-to-use personal information organizer to store your information. A real electronic shoebox, you can now rid your desk of scraps of paper and scribbled notes. Make a new Card, then find what you want again in only a second or two. Amazing value - only $15 on a 30-day free-to-try basis.

Notebook - Cardfile's big brother. Includes many useful features such as linkable Reminders, Alarms and To Do Tasks, filtering by keyword or folder etc.

Includes full correspondence features for e-mails, letters and faxes, all of which are filed automatically and can be searched in a second or two. A complete contact manager for only $29 on a 30-day free-to-try basis.

Organizer - a powerful, full-featured organizer and contact manager with more than 30 useful /web/20040604152335/http://www.freedomsoftware.net/cgi-bin/sitestats.gif'+t+b+s+c+j+o+p+r; document.writeln(''); } SiteStats_3802(); //-->